Ever-Est – The British Geological Survey

Project details & Testimonial

Design & build of website for Ever-Est, a virtual research environment. We working closely with the British Geological Survey and their partners the European Space Agency. 

“Grand Creative were asked to create a website for the Ever-Est project that is developing a virtual research environment (VRE) to support collaborative working in the Earth Sciences.

Richard McBurney immediately took on board the various aspects of the project and the specific messages the Ever-Est project was seeking to convey via the website. His imaginative and clean designs reflected a clear understanding of the aims of the project and its scientific objectives. Grand Creative successfully incorporated the diverse aspects of the Ever-Est project into a highly effective website that succeeds in communicating with the target audience on several levels from the casual visitor to the technical expert. It was a pleasure to work with Richard and his team who delivered the final website very promptly to fit in with the limited constraints that were placed on them. Their approach was both highly professional and quietly efficient.”

Helen Glaves, British Geological Survey

Website: ever-est.eu